All You Need to Know About Prosthetic Bras

Prosthetic Bras

As lifesaving as getting a mastectomy may be, dealing with the aftermath – the blow to self-esteem – is a significant concern for many women who undergo the procedure.

Breast forms can help women win back some of that self-esteem, but they can also be unwieldy. They may shift unnaturally in a normal bra, which is a problem that a prosthetic bra can fix.

Prosthetic bras keep breast forms in place using special pockets designed to contain them. These bras promote a more natural look and provide more freedom of movement, helping you find your confidence and letting you return to the activities you always enjoyed.

Prosthetic Bras are Incredibly Comfortable

Women often deal with back and shoulder pain issues that persist after having a mastectomy. Prosthetic bras help to ease some of this pain – or at least not add to it – by prioritizing comfort above other design considerations.

Prosthetic bras generally use cotton and elastic materials to provide a closer fit that hugs your frame, providing better support. Most prosthetic bras eschew wires that might cause discomfort to any sensitive areas on your chest. Instead, some bras, such as the NearlyMe Anna mastectomy bra, use wide underarm panels for support. Others, such as the Amoena Lara soft-cup T-shirt bra, look more closely like an underwire bra without sacrificing comfort by using a combination of elastic materials and three-way adjustment systems.

To avoid irritating sensitive skin, many prosthetic bras use seamless or hidden-seam construction. Notable examples include the Classique seamless molded-cup mastectomy bra and the Jodee Heavenly Pink bra.

Other bras take comfort even further. The ABC massage bra, for example, uses a unique fabric that gently massages your body to provide relief for aches and pains you might experience throughout the day. Others, such as the Amoena Katy wire-free mastectomy bra, use microfiber breast form pockets that are incredibly soft and breathable. These special fabrics also wick moisture away and help to reduce the discomfort of wearing a breast form that might not provide adequate cooling.

You Can Use Some Prosthetic Bras Immediately After Surgery

After-surgery recovery is an extremely difficult period. You have to deal with pain, skin sensitivity, wound drainage, and a whole host of other issues. During this time, you want a bra designed with these issues in mind.

Some bras, such as the ABC post-surgical camisole, come with drain management features. These feature Velcro-attachable pouches for storing drainage containers. Many, such as the Allyson post-surgical bra by Wear Ease, use a front closure to ease the discomfort felt when raising your arms high. Most post-surgical bras use cotton and other light fabrics to avoid irritating sensitive areas.

There are Prosthetic Bras for Different Activities

Getting a mastectomy doesn’t mean you have to stop playing sports or engaging in other active activities you enjoy. With the right prosthetic bra, you can go back enjoying these activities after post-surgical recovery.

Bras such as the Nearly Me sports bra, Amoena Performance sports bra, and Anita Extreme Control post-mastectomy bra offer the enhanced control you need to keep breast forms under control while running, practicing yoga, or working out at the gym. Many post-mastectomy sports bras also help to manage the poor cooling provided by breast forms by using wicking and mesh fabrics for moisture removal, evaporation, and breathability.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Style

Getting a mastectomy doesn’t mean you have to give up looking fabulous in just your underwear. Prosthetic bras stores offer bras in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. You’ll find convertible bras, such as the Trulife Daniela seamless convertible-style mastectomy bra, that can use wide-set straps, crisscross those straps at the back, or hook around the neck to create a backless halter. Others, such as Anita’s Nice and Malia mastectomy bras, use printed or embroidered designs to create an elegant, romantic look.

Life post-mastectomy doesn’t have to dreary and dull. Regain your confidence and express your pride at being a cancer survivor with prosthetic bras to hold your breast forms in place and help you look stunning whatever you decide to do.

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