Alternatives to Dental Gum Graft California

Dental Gum Graft

Most of us love to show off our bright, white smile. But there’s more to it than exceptional teeth; in fact, healthy gums are also important. If your smile is looking a bit toothier than it has in the past, you might be dealing with gum recession. A dental gum graft in California is one solution to address this specific issue, but there are several other alternatives to explore.

Gum Recession and Dental Gum Graft in California

Some of the main reasons for gum recession include smoking, diabetes, periodontal disease, genetics, and poor oral hygiene. Despite your best efforts to maintain a healthy mouth, brushing your teeth too hard or using a firm-bristled toothbrush can result in receding gums.

Exposed roots are a common result of gum recession. A dental gum graft in California is a medical procedure that is used to cover up the roots of a tooth after the gum tissue has been lost. During the procedure, the tissue is taken from your palate and used to cover the exposed root area.

A dental gum graft in California can be performed on one tooth, numerous teeth or the whole gumline if needed. The surgery can avert additional recession and prevent additional bone loss. It can also diminish tooth sensitivity as well.

On the other hand, recovering from a gum graft can prove to be rather painful. It requires that you follow certain instructions like keeping the dressing on it, eating soft foods and abstaining from rinsing your mouth. If gum grafting isn’t something you’d like to consider, there are some alternatives you might want to think about.

Regeneration: When severe gum recession results in bone deterioration, regeneration is a surgical procedure that can help. During the procedure, the existing gum tissue is pulled back so that a bone graft or other reformative material can be inserted in the area that is suffering from bone loss. The goal of the procedure is to help regenerate tissue and bone before the new gum tissue is attached to the area.

Root Planing and Scaling: Scaling is a part of the standard cleaning that you get at a regular checkup appointment. For patients who have gum disease, a scaling and root planning process – that typically goes deeper than a normal cleaning – might be required.

First, all the plaque, bacteria and tartar are scaled from the teeth and root surfaces. The next step is root planing, which is the process of going beneath the gums to smooth over any uneven areas root surfaces. Smooth tooth surfaces prevent the ability of plaque, tartar, and bacteria to redevelop under the gumline, allowing the gums to heal.

Gum Contouring: Another option to consider as an alternative to dental gum graft in California is gum contouring. This procedure can improve the overall health of gums and teeth and alter the lines of your smile. After dispensing an anesthetic, an oral surgeon will use a laser or scalpel to create a more uniform gumline.

After the gum tissue has been reshaped, it typically remains healthier, as the depths of the pockets between the gums and teeth are more shallow and easier to clean. Cleaner gums have less chance of developing periodontal disease.

Regardless of which of these alternatives to dental gum graft in California you think may be right for you, call our office today to discuss your options for preventing and treating receding gums.

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