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In Michigan, employment law is continuously evolving and amending, therefore, staying relevant is critical to protect clients and provide up-to-date services. Following specialized education ensures that Michigan Employment Lawyers Association attorneys are current with any amendments to employment laws.

Understanding the recent moves in Employment Law can be overwhelming; therefore, clients seek specialized and qualified attorneys to guide them through any recent changes in the field.

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Any Employment Law attorney in Michigan must stay current with the following areas:

  • Weapons Law in the workplace
  • Michigan Occupational Health and Safety Act for the Private Sector
  • Requirements for Leave
  • Wage Payments Termination Pay and the required Pay Statements
  • Minimum Wage Requirements and Overtime
  • Acceptable practices in Recruiting and Hiring
  • Employee relations and diversity requirements

Who should take additional training on Employment Law?

Michigan is considered to have employee friendly legislation with a strong emphasis on employee’s rights. To maintain these standards, an family law attorney plymouth ma should enroll in law school classes specific to recent updates in the field. Where possible, Michigan based Human Resources staff should also take law school classes when dealing with issues related to Employment Law to guarantee the most current understanding of the legal area.

Where can I take a course?

Courses are available either online or at an educational institution of your choice and vary in length depending on your schedule and existing demands. An investment in Employment Law Classes specific to Michigan state law will ensure you are fully equipped to work in this challenging field with an in-depth knowledge of case law, in addition to the workings of local courts and tribunals.

Most employers and employees requiring Employment Law Attorneys will choose to work only with Board Certified Labour and Employment Lawyers.

Where can I find further information?

The Michigan Employment Lawyers Association is an excellent resource for continuing education in this field. They offer a range of detailed and specific courses for you to expand your industry knowledge where required, at a pace that suits your existing career demands. Affiliation with their esteemed organization confirms your expertise for potential clients and keeps you informed of the latest developments in Michigan Employment Law.

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Michigan Employment Lawyers Association proudly describes their institution as being committed to protecting worker’s rights in the workplace. This provides a valuable and noteworthy cause in a field of law where traditionally only large employers and firms could afford legal representation. Membership of Michigan Employment Lawyers Association ensures your attorney is part of a respected and dynamic network of Employment Lawyers with Michigan specific experience and knowledge, as well as the latest legal developments and precedents.

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