How Contact Reflex Analysis Helps Individualize Therapeutic Treatment Plans

analysis chiropractor

analysis chiropractor

If you are looking for a contact reflex analysis chiropractor MI, you probably want to know how contact reflex analysis helps individualize therapeutic treatment plans. Understanding the basics of contact reflex analysis, or CRA, can help with your search for CRA chiropractors in Michigan.

What is contact reflex analysis?

Contact reflex analysis is a method employed by chiropractors to monitor the status of your body based on energy readings. Although CRA does not provide diagnoses of conditions, the method can be used to ascertain different body and muscle responses. These responses can provide information about your wellness, allowing for customized treatment plans.

How does CRA lead to customized care plans?

Your CRA-based care plan can be customized by your chiropractor to fit your individual needs. Although you might have the same symptoms or conditions as someone else, the source and treatment are almost always different. By using CRA, a chiropractic specialist can help determine what specific methods of care will work best for you and your body.

How does CRA work?

Your chiropractor performers contact reflex analysis. Different tests are performed to see how your muscles and body respond to stimuli. An example of this might be the common “knee test.” A chiropractor can use a small hammer on your knee to monitor that your leg jumps in response. If a response occurs, that system is working correctly. CRA takes this concept and applies it to the major systems in your body.

CRA allows the chiropractor to determine the internal functions of your major and minor body systems by testing external stimulus responses.

What happens after CRA?

After a chiropractor checks your system with contact reflex analysis, they can customize the proper treatment plan. Because this method prioritizes your natural responses, your chiropractor will make suggestions for your customized treatment plan based on your bodily responses. CRA can identify the need for changes to your diet, tight muscles to soothe with massage therapy or other means, or low energy connections that can be healed through the right exercises and stretches.

Individual treatment plans

CRA does not provide diagnoses for health conditions, but the in-depth process can allow your chiropractor to discover internal and external issues earlier than might be identified otherwise. Different treatments that might result from CRA include suggestions for modifying your diet, natural supplements, nutritional guidance, pharmaceutical-grade supplemental treatments, homeopathic treatments, massage therapy, hands-on alignment, and general chiropractic care.

If you have been feeling a little off but your doctor can’t or won’t take the time to figure out what the problem is, a chiropractor might be the next best place. A chiropractor also emphasizes healthy, natural treatment options to treat the root of your pain instead of automatically resorting to medications that only mask the symptoms.

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