How Sewer Video Inspection Can Identify Tree Root Blockages in Dayton?

Sewer Video Inspection

Sewer Video InspectionSewer pipes in a home or business are generally found underground. This means they are typically out of sight and will not thought about until a problem occurs. One of the most common issues that occurs with underground pipes is damage caused by tree roots. This is the main reason for backup of water and why a toilet may not be flushing properly. A good way to know if your piping is free form damage will be to know how sewer camera inspection can identify tree root blockages in Dayton.

Why do tree root blockages occur?

Sewer pipes that are really old or have lots of rust are more prone to tree root penetration which can lead to a blockage. The reason for this is the amount of humidity in the area and if there is a lot of water that soaks into the ground. One thing to know about trees in your yard is the root system will match the tree canopy area, but underground. This means tree roots may be closer to your home and sewer piping than you may think.

How do tree roots block sewer pipe?

Most sewer pipes are made of metal depending on the age. Older pipe that has never been replaced may actually be made of clay. What can happen over time is a metal pipe might start to rust and become less sound structurally. The result is tree roots could easily penetrate into a pipe weakened by rust. If the pipe is made of clay, any cracks or breaks are easy for roots to find as water will be leaking out. When you want to know what type of sewer pipe is used for your property, a video inspection is the best option.

What is the video inspection process?

A plumber, rooter technician, or other sewer repair professional will use a camera system to view pipes that are underground. An existing drain or even a clean out can be used as an entry point where a cable will be inserted into the sewer pipe. The end or the cable has a camera that is connected to a video system or to a smartphone app. As the cable is pushed further into the sewer pipe, any damage that is present is seen on the screen or monitor.

Benefits of sewer video inspection?

Detecting a potential problem is just one of the benefits of a video inspection for sewer pipe. If pipes in a home have been rooted or cleared of tree roots before, regular monitoring will be important to know if the tree root problem has returned. The best thing is, there is no excavating or additional work needed for the inspection. All that is needed is an access point to the sewer pipe like a floor drain or a sink.

If a sewer video inspection finds any additional damage to a sewer pipe, a repair may be needed. If you discover that a sewer repair is needed, ask about trenchless repair solutions. These will often be cheaper than a traditional sewer repair and do not require digging up your yard to access the piping.

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