Looking for Professional Sewer and Drain Inspection in Tampa Bay


sewer-inspectionProfessional sewer and drain inspection in Tampa Bay is one of the most effective methods of identifying pipe problems. Modern technology has improved the way plumbers figure out what is wrong with your pipes, where the problem is located and how to fix it.
Two decades ago, it would have sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie. But today sending a video camera through your pipes is standard procedure for advanced plumbing professionals who are familiar with the most up-to-date technology.

What Happens with Video Camera Line and Drain Inspection?

Plumbers use industry-specific waterproof cameras. These let them visually inspect the sewer line without the need to dig up lines. The technician watches the entire procedure on a monitor above ground. He controls where the camera goes using a remote unit.
In addition, the camera has a location detector attached. That means there is never a question about where the problem is located. The workers know exactly where to focus their efforts right at the start of the repair job.These cameras can inspect pipes that are underground, under the foundation of your home and even in cement.
The technician puts a flexible rod with the animated video camera on its tip into the pipe. The photos it sends back are high resolution and easy to see. This method of inspection works in all types of pipes, from 2” in diameter to 36”. Because the rod that the camera is attached to is flexible, it can travel throughout the pipe system, even around corners.
The camera sends back its photos in real time. What it sees is exactly what the technician sees at the same time on his monitor. This lets him determine the condition of the interior of your pipes quickly. All of the images are saved to disc for later reference.

The Benefits of Using Video to Find Problems

Here is a look at how video inspections can help you with your drain and pipe problems.

Accuracy. The biggest advantage of using video cameras is the fact that there is no guesswork. In the past, workers needed to dig up pipes. This was the only way they could find the problem and determine the cause. This took time, was labor intensive, and added considerably to the overall cost of the job.

Exact location. The cameras and locator tell the technicians exactly where the problem is located, including the depth of the pipes and their location on your property. While looking at the images, he can accurately figure out the cause of the problem in your pipe or drain. That speeds up the repair work because there is no confusion about what and where to fix.

All types of problems. The cameras can identify a range of problems in your pipes. Whether it is a tree root growing in the sewer line, a crack or break, a puncture, a misalignment, or a problem of deteriorating pipes like corrosion, he can see with his own eyes what is going on. The video camera will tell him if the clog is due to a buildup of grease or debris in the lines.

Verify the repair. After the problem is fixed, the technician can repeat the inspection to make completely sure that the line is now clean and repaired. That way you don’t have to worry about the mess, stress and cost of repeat visits.

When you need your sewer and drains inspected in Tampa Bay, be sure to find a professional who has video camera inspection capability. It is thorough, cost-saving and gets your problem identified correctly right away.

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