Step-by-Step Guide to Zeroing in a Rifle Scope

Zeroing in a Rifle Scope

Zeroing in a Rifle Scope

Zeroing means adjusting a rifle scope so that its visual field is aligned to the rifle to deliver a bullet where the crosshairs sit on the target at an established distance.

The key factor in terms of scope zeroing is the range or distance.

Other very important things to consider while zeroing your scope are the scope mounts, shape of recoil, and measured yards.

The mounts must be designed according to the shape of your recoil, and when zeroing you need to fix the inch according to the measured yard requirements.

You can easily buy scope mounts for sale online as well as in brick and mortar stores.

Types of Scope Zeroing

There are two types of scope zeroing: mechanical zero and battlesight zero.

The first one means setting the sight set mechanically to its veritable center.

The second means coinciding the point of aim with the point of impact. Battlesight zero is, in fact, set by the mechanical zero.

Step 1: Adjusting the rings and base

This is the first step you need to take when you want to zero in a scope. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, tighten the screw in the mounts. Move the screw loosely at first so you can make adjustments if needed.

Step 2: Managing the load

You need to keep in mind that distance, load, and point of impact are all interconnected, and if you select one load but plan to shoot with another it can result in a misfire. It’s important to fix or manage a load before zeroing. After you select a load, you proceed to focus on the place of your 100 yards point of impact.

Step 3: Centering the crosshair

Before you zero your scope, you must make sure that the turrets of the gun are centered. To center your crosshair, you have to turn one turret all the way in one direction, counting the number of clicks as you do so. Then for the other one, enter the same number of clicks. Imagine a line going through the crosshair that runs directly through the center of your rifle.

Step 4: Remove the bolt

After you mount your scope and center the crosshair you are ready to start shooting. But first, you need to remove the bolt from the gun to see through the barrel.
Final thoughts

Learning how to properly mount, sight, and adjust a scope will save you ammunition and will result in more consistently accurate shots.

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