Tips on Buying the Best Cantilever Shelving for Your Operation

lumber wholesale yard

lumber wholesale yard

Cantilever shelving is a storage option for stores, factories, and warehouses who build, store or sell heavy and awkwardly shaped products. These shelves are made up of support beams in the rear and free-standing arms that anchor to the beams. This open system allows long, heavy products like planks of lumber or large piping to be stored without the restraints of normal shelving.

Distinct types of products will require diverse types of cantilever shelving systems. If you want to buy the best cantilever shelving for your unique needs, you’ll want to consider a few things first.

What Are You Storing?

Cantilever shelves come in different load capacities—light, medium, heavy, or extra heavy duty. When choosing which shelving units to buy, consider what you’re storing. For lightweight PVC, you may need only light or medium duty shelving. For sheet metal or lumber, it’s best to go with heavy or extra heavy-duty shelving.

This type of shelving can often be customized to work with your specific products. If you’re storing long rolls of carpet, you’ll want cantilever arms that can be spaced appropriately to support the rolls. If you’re storing pieces of furniture, you will want to utilize support arms that can be placed closer together.

Your method of loading inventory should also be taken into consideration. Larger, heavy duty cantilever shelves should only be loaded by forklifts. This maintains the safest work environment for this type of shelving. Light duty shelving is typically built to be loaded by hand.

Types of Cantilever Shelves

Cantilever systems fall into one of two categories.

  • I-Beam
  • Structural

I-Beam cantilever shelving units are freestanding racks. This makes them versatile because they can be moved throughout your store or warehouse. They can also be outfitted with the proper supports to be used either single or double-sided.

This type of cantilever shelving can be used for light to heavy-duty loads, typically up to 20,000 pounds. They can be purchased in different heights and widths to meet your needs.

Structural cantilever shelving units are secured to walls or other beamed support structures. These shelves can support extra heavy-duty loads. Vertical arm supports can be adjusted appropriately to handle assorted sizes and weights, and these types of structures work well with forklift or crane loading.

This type of shelving is the most common type of cantilever shelving used by warehouses and large storage facilities, including lumber yards, junkyards, and factories.

The open design, versatility, and customizable options make cantilever shelves an excellent choice for the warehouse that sells oversized, bulky, and heavy items. You can buy cantilever shelving systems online to find great deals and products. Working with a trusted shelving and rack company for your cantilever shelving will allow you to get the best shelving for your unique needs.

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