What Makes an Office Furniture Supplier Right for Your Business?

Office Furniture

When you launch a business or want to update the environment that you work in, choosing an donate furniture calgary that is right for your business can be the difference between a simple process and a complete headache.

Office Furniture

With so much to think about when you run a company, the last thing you need is further unnecessary pressure but the surroundings you work in can have a lasting impact on how people engage, interact and what culture you nurture as a business.

Not only is it your employees you need to think about, when you invest in office furniture you are also creating a first impression that will become apparent to visitors and customers, so it needs to be right and reflective of your personality as a company.  

A single supplier

Whether you just want to change the desks in your office or you have decided to have a complete refurb, it can make sense in terms of time and money to choose a single supplier so that everything is managed from one central location.

Most busy business owners will find it difficult to take a day out of the office to visit showrooms to choose their desks, chairs and accessories in person and that is where using an online office supplier can be helpful.

As an example, with more than 22,000 products online including a full range of office furniture, Office Monster works with companies of all sizes to deliver the products that will complement their workspace, however large or small.

Better still, as they have been working in the market for years, the recently updated website has additional functionality that allows you to choose the specification of the desks you would like, with matching chairs and storage facilities to meet with your needs. All ordered at the touch of a button.

The right office furniture for the job

Whether you choose to purchase your office furniture online, from a high street store or from an out of town retailer, it is important that you choose the right office furniture for the job that you do. There is no point in having desks that look amazing or that allows people to stand up all day if that isn’t going to work for your employees.

There needs to be a balance of looking great and being fit for purpose. Then there’s the space you have to play with. You may have always wanted a big boardroom table but if you don’t have the space then all you will do is fill your office with something that won’t get used – and that’s before you consider the cost of a product that will become an expensive ornament.  

When you do decide to update your office furniture, also think about the specific needs of your employees. It may make sense to invest in desks that have pedestals with drawers so that people can organise their paperwork and keep their desktops clear.  

Having a clear desk can make some people feel better and can have an impact on productivity, so don’t underestimate the difference that your office environment can make.

Don’t forget the storage

Desks and chairs may be top of the list when it comes to making changes to your workspace but it’s often worth taking the time to do an inventory of your storage while you have the chance. If you have paperwork and filing that needs to be organised, then take this time to get your office in order.

It’s unlikely that you will have the same chance again, so make the most of it and start out as you mean to go on.

A useful checklist

When you update your workspace, make sure you follow these five simple steps so that you order the equipment you need to run a busy office that gives the right impression to employees, client’s and visitors alike.

    1. Create an inventory of everything you have and everything you feel you need. Get input from employees, it could be that there is something simple that could make their job simpler and improve efficiency.
    1. If you’re changing desks make sure you choose an option that fits your space perfectly. There is no need to opt for a square or rectangular desk, there are many different options that could make better use of the space you have.
    1. Many office workers sit at a chair all day long. Invest a little more for a comfortable seat that will also support posture. Back ache is a common problem in offices, so it makes sense to avoid it wherever possible.
    1. Storage can be used to hide a multitude of sins and will give you the chance to make a better impression when people visit the office. Don’t leave paperwork lying around or filing stacked in corners, it looks lazy and unorganised.
  1. Don’t forget the accessories. Simply adding some plants can change the space completely and give a softer look. Also, a coat stand, water cooler or coffee station could bring further personality and make all of the difference.
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