Window Blinds Trends 2019: Why Roman Blinds?

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Roman blinds are a unique combination of a curtain and a blind. They are a practical yet flexible and unique solution to your windows. The following are the main reasons as to why Roman blinds are the best choice:

Limitless design options

The main benefit of installing Roman blinds is the breadth of options to choose from. Depending on the style you choose, Roman blinds can be used to achieve a tailored and masculine or soft and feminine look.

Roman blinds come in unique styles, with varied looks. The common styles are:

  • The traditional hobbled fold that consists of a fabric that has been looped all the way down the blind
  • The contemporary style flat fold that consists of a single complete piece of fabric. This makes it ideal for patterns.
  • The relaxed Roman blind that offers an appealing, relaxed look. The absence of dowel rods running horizontally through the blind is compensated by raised through cords on either side, running vertically down. Its bottom drapes soft and loosely.

Getting a Roman blind that perfectly suits your style is easy, as they come in different styles.

Timeless and flexible style

The style of Roman blinds has evolved over the years, to what we now see. It is a classic blind that does not go out of “trend” quickly. It only takes choosing the right fabric to reap the benefits of Roman blinds for a long time.

As mentioned before, the array of style and fabric options they present does not limit where they can be installed. Minimalist homes, traditional homes, industrial homes…you name them, have all embraced Roman blinds.

Light control

Roman blinds may not be as efficient as blinds with tilting slats when it comes to light control. However, their pleated style still offers the luxury of letting in varied amounts of light as they possess a wide scope between open and closed. Their advantage over slat blinds is that they completely block out light owing to the fact that they are made from a whole piece of fabric, hence no gaps for light to seep through.


Roman blinds offer great privacy since they are made from a whole piece of fabric.

Energy efficient

Whether you intend to keep heat out or in, when properly lined with the right fabric, Roman blinds offer a simple, tasteful solution.


Generally, Roman blinds utilize 25% less fabric as compared to curtains. This makes them a cheaper option.

Soft look

Besides adding character, Roman blinds give windows a soft appearance. This is isn’t the same case with hard materials such as wood blinds.

Ideal for smaller windows

Smaller windows tend to be overwhelmed by curtains. Since Roman blinds hardly take any space on either side of the window, they are a perfect choice for such windows.

Clean and tidy look

Roman blinds do not create bulk as compared to other window treatments. Whether up or down, Roman blinds give a streamlined look as they leave a light, clean appearance.

Easy to operate

The operation of Roman blinds simply entails using cords to raise them up or down. Modern Roman blinds are motorised, making it even easier to operate.

Safety consideration

Traditional Roman blinds have their cords and rings hanging on the back side. This significantly reduces the possibility of strangulation due to the loops created by the cords when pulled away from the shade.

If deciding on which kind of blinds to for proves to be an uphill task for you, feel free to contact us for a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

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