About Us

We Charitarian are a noisy bunch of tech enthusiasts who like to put their findings, and thoughts onto paper. Good thing you don’t have to stock all the paper where you read them, our platform provides us with a very efficient means to spread modern knowledge to all corners of the world. Through our repetitive efforts to reach more readers the same way we would appreciate being spoken to, our readership has grown from being basically our families and friends to tens of thousands of daily visitors, you included (currently).

Charitarian are always growing, as we anticipate our readers’ knowledge of the tech we cover in our insightful content. So many of the founding members still take part in the very manual processes that result in a perfect article that you would love to read, the fact that most of the published articles get great feedback in their comments is enough reassurance for the tradition to never end.

When we started, only a handful of us were even qualified to handle any of the issues we face on a daily basis, but time and experience has sharpened both our competence and selective eye to filter only what would be regarded as share-worthy content by our army of readers.