As with all IT asset inventory management, the 1st and foremost thing about asset management is to have the ability to discover and scan all your assets. The company will be only able to efficiently and adequately manage and monitor their assets after they done the procedure of scanning their assets. There are many softwares that can help in discovering, managing and monitoring a company’s assets. One of such a software is AssetExplorer among many other software.

Asset Management

All of these softwares have some features and characteristics that correlate. They broadly categorize a company’s assets into asset components, non-IT assets, IT assets, software and groups.

Product and vendor details

If you want easily add the product and vendor details to your assets or products, you can just do that using the Software Asset Management which is an exquisite Software Asset Explorer Asset Management that helps any business to create product lists and types fields. These fields can be easily filled so as to provide ease of identification. The vendor details can also be easily added, such details include price, warranty period, vendor name and much more.

Group Assets Management


There are 2 ways in which a person can group assets for easy understanding. These ways are dynamic and static grouping. Dynamic grouping is whereby a company creates a criterion that enables easy adding resources to a group while static grouping is whereby you just add resources to your grouping. In the latter, a new resource is automatically added to the network and the criterion whenever a new resource is added.

Software Compliance Flash Charts

For easy tracking of all your software licenses and assets, all of the IT inventory asset management have a Software Asset Management. It helps a company business group software into various categorises basing on their vendor name, license type, software type etc. Using the flash charts, a business can easily view the compliance of their software in the network.

Relationship between Business Resources

Using the Configuration Management Database, you can easily monitor and configure the relationships of your business critical assets in the network concerned. This is particularly important during diagnosis of a network problem or during network infrastructure.

Asset Scanning and Discovery

This is a process that can be done very easily. There are 2 ways in which any IT inventory asset management software can scan and discover in a network all the windows machines. These methods are:

Agent-less scanning

In most of the IT inventory asset management software, this method is usually set by default. This method is usually done through Windows Management Instrumentation.

Agent scanning

This is whereby the agent is installed in computer or workstation that is to be scanned. The way this is done is through the software whereby the agent sends information to the software about the asset inventory. After all this is done, it will send only the inventory changes.

This software can be easily found in the market though they are bought as per a company’s or business requirements. The software vendor will advise a company on the best software to buy after being informed on the company’s requirements.

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