Common Misconceptions about Used Cars


turWhen it comes to purchasing a used car, there is a lot of misinformation presented to buyers that derails their entire shopping experience – forcing them to expand their budget (regardless if it breaks their bank) in order to purchase a new car. Seems like no matter where you’re located, there is always a handful of so-called experts that can get you to believe anything. Bear in mind used cars aren’t a “bad” purchase at all. It’s just a matter of finding the right vehicle and doing the right amount of research! Here’s a look at some of the biggest used car Minneapolis misconceptions/myths out there.

“Used Cars Are Gas Guzzlers”

When you opt for buying a used car, the first thing you hear other people say is that “you will be paying a lot for gas”. This is really a lame reasoning, as even new cars tend to be gas-guzzlers. Of course, maintenance of the engine does have a solid impact on fuel-efficiency. However, more than that the size of an engine plays an important role in the economy you receive. If you purchase a used car with a 2.4-Liter engine, you can be sure to receive good fuel-efficiency. On the other hand, if you buy a used car with a V6 engine, you can expect to pay higher for gas. The same goes for when buying a new car.

“Second-Hand Vehicles Are Never In Good Condition”

second-hand-carUsually when people think about buying used cars in Minneapolis, their mind automatically conjures images of an old, clunky machine that is living on its last days. This is far from the truth. You can easily get a year old, used model that is in solid almost new condition for a good price. Some sellers even offer detailed vehicle history reports with service/maintenance records and related documents to prove the car has been under good hands. It’s all in choosing and selecting the right vehicle and buyer! However, it is important that you take a test drive of the vehicle, before buying. Just to be careful and aware of any issues.

“An Expanded Coverage or Warranty Is a Hoax”

This isn’t true at all. In fact, if you purchase a used car in Minneapolis, you can easily have the existing warranty transferred to your name. You can even negotiate the price of the warranty similar to the price of the car. Some dealers even offer extended warranties and roadside assistance programs for used cars in order to relieve buyer from the stress of the vehicle breaking down or something. You can most definitely acquire expanded coverage and warranty from a used vehicle.

“Negotiations Have To Be Stressful”

Negotiations are only stressful in circumstances where you aren’t armed with the right amount of knowledge regarding a particular used car in Minneapolis. Bear in mind that it is important you do your research for any vehicle you want to buy. Compare pricing, use online price calculators, and consider vehicle condition to figure out what you should be paying for your used car. The better knowledge you have, the better chances you can buy a used car at a good price.
So, discard all these misconceptions about buying a used car. Explore listings online and try your best to gain knowledge about the vehicle you want to buy. You can be sure to find a vehicle that is in good condition and offers great reliability, durability, and fuel-efficiency.

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