What Are the Components of a Mobile Medical Cart?

Medical Cart

Medical Cart

Many healthcare clinics are switching to a more personalized and intimate approach to patient care. One of the ways they accomplish this is through the use of medical computer carts. These mobile workstations can be taken directly to the patient, putting treatment right at the bedside.

Whether it’s a hospital, clinic, or office setting this hands-on approach is often received well by both patients and staff. Patients appreciate the one on one treatment, and caregivers often appreciate the streamlined process.

If you are considering utilizing medical computer carts on wheels or revamping your strategy in this area, it can be helpful to break down the various components to help you understand what you need.

Types of Medical Carts

Various types of medical carts on wheels exist for the healthcare facility. A few choices include medicine carts, supply carts, and computer carts.

Medicine carts often store standard medications and supplies that are commonly used in a healthcare setting. This will vary based on your specific needs. However, these carts can be customized with locked access in order to allow entry only to those with clearance.

Supply carts are typically stocked with supplies such as bandages, syringes, gloves and other items specific to your type of clinic. Many healthcare facilities include bins for their medical devices as well. These might include the stethoscope, thermometer, and blood pressure machine.

Computer carts come equipped with workspace adequate to fit a laptop or tablet as well as an area for other duties such as writing notes, supply prep, or medication preparation. These carts can also be equipped with bins or drawers for supplies and medication.

Construction of Medical Carts

The construction of your mobile medical workstation will depend on your unique needs. There are a few considerations when making your choice.

  • Size
  • Ease of use
  • Available accessories

You want to choose a cart that meets your size needs. A cart that is too small or too big is likely to fail to reach its maximum potential. When choosing a size, also consider where the carts will be stored while not in use.

Finding a cart that is easy to use is another important consideration. Models that are lightweight, easily moved, and comfortable to use as a workstation are favorites. They should also be simple to keep clean and sanitized, such as carts that are made of stainless steel or aluminum.

The ability to customize your cart is an essential component of choosing the right mobile medical cart. Having the number of bins and drawers that will prove effective in your clinic will make the difference between efficiency and waste.

Mobile medical carts make an excellent addition to the patient care process. Considering all the components of the medical cart on wheels will help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

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