3 Clear Signs You’ve Got A Sewer Problem


sewer-problemThere isn’t anyone out there who enjoys having to have any sewer repairs done, however, if the signs are pointing to an issue with your sewer lines, then you won’t have any other choice but to have the repair work done. There isn’t any way that you can ignore them, and if you decide to then it will become an even bigger problem, with a very large mess for you to have to deal with. It is important that if you start to see the signs that you might possible have some sewer issues in your line, then it is prudent that you contact a professional as soon as you can to come and fix these issues before they get worse.
There are several different types of warning signs that will make an appearance if your sewer line is having an issues, and they won’t be hard to miss. As soon as you see these signs, don’t wait for them to become any worse, or it could cost you even more money to have it fixed. If you want to save your money, then it is prudent that you make sure and pay attention if you are suspicious of any type of odd activity. There are typically 3 warning signs that your sewer pipe lining is in need of repairing, and these warning signs are easy to spot, and shouldn’t be too hard for you to miss.

Foul Odor

One of the warning signs that is the most obvious sign that you won’t be able to miss, is a foul odor. Whenever a line breaks in your sewer system, it will leak out a very foul odor throughout your home, and it is not a difficult thing to miss because this smell is a very powerful one. If you are beginning to notice a rotten sewage smell coming from your toilet, your shower, or your sink, then it is an obvious sign that you should call a professional plumber immediately before the problem becomes any worse.

Slower Drains

The next sign is an obvious sign as well, and it is if you are experiencing slow drains. If a line in your sewer system becomes clogged, then you will notice that your shower, your bathtub, and your sink will begin to drain very slowly, and this is a very frustrating issue to deal with, and if it goes on too long, then you will have a serious issue with backed up sewage. If you are experiencing a slow drain with only one drain, than there is something that is only wrong with the utility of that specific drain, however, if your are experiencing it from multiple drains in your home, then there is a definite sign that it is an issue that is within your sewer lines.

Water Shifting

If you start to witness issues such as the water in your toilet constantly lowering and then rising unexpectedly, then there might possibly be an issue within your sewer line. There may be times when you realize that your toilet is going to full and then all the way down to empty without even flushing the toilet, and this is a sign as well.

So, if you are experiencing these types of warning signs, it is more than likely the time to call in a professional to have them inspect and repair your sewer line. It is possible that your line is over 40 years old, therefore, you might need to have your lines replaced. It could also be due to tree roots or corrosion that is causing the issues that you are experiencing. However, whatever the issues may be, it is prudent to have a professional plumber come and help you to figure out exactly what is going on with your sewer line, and then have it repaired before you have any further damage done to it, and costing you a lot more money. Its important to fix your sewer problems in your house as soon as you sense them, because your house is not like these birdhouses which are not going to have any problem when a pipe gets blocked. Oh! wait, do birds have sewer pipes in their houses?

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