A Guide to Buying Bulk Ammo

Gun With Bullets

Gun With Bullets

There has never been a better time to buy bulk ammo online! Convenient and simple online stores offer a wide selection of ammo for you to choose from at discounted rates.

Many informed gun owners purchase bulk ammo online for convenience, discount prices, the widest selection of products and quick delivery.

Here is a quick and easy 3-step guide to buying bulk ammo:

  • Know your state rules

It’s quick and easy to find out the legislation applicable in your state. In general, most, but not all, states follow Federal guidelines. States cannot make rules that are less restrictive than Federal Law.

An online store can help you through the process.

  • Know minimum age requirements

Eighteen years is the Federal minimum age for purchasing rifle ammunition. The age limit goes up to 21 for handgun ammunition.

Check with your online dealer to determine if there are any state laws that may impact the age limit for a sale. Some retail stores have more restrictive policies also.

  • Do your research

While buying ammo in bulk online is easier and far more cost effective than other options for ammo purchasing, you first need to understand which ammo is best suited to your specific gun requirements.

If you are buying bulk ammo for the first time, consider making a small purchase first.

Take a box or two to your local range and test fire it to make sure its characteristics meet your expectation. Do some online research too and read what others have to say about the brand and type.

Advantages of buying bulk ammo online

Ammunition 45 Auto Bullets

    • Discounted rates
    • Free delivery
    • Convenience of shopping from your home
    • Wider selection
    • Multiple payment platforms (including credit card)
  • No sales tax on out of state purchases

Useful information on acronyms for first time bulk ammo buyers

    • FMJ = Full Metal Jacket
    • JHP = Jacket Hollow Point
    • XM = Rejected from military use but suitable for commercial specifications
    • M = mil-spec
    • 193 = 55 gr FMJ-BT (Boat tail)
    • COE = Certificate of Eligibility
    • FFL = Federally Licensed Dealer
    • FOID = Firearm Owner’s Identification Card
  • 855 = 62 gr FMJ-BT

Final Thoughts

Buying bulk ammunition can save you time and trouble. Bulk ammunition purchases are a great way for recreational shooters to enjoy recreational shooting more without the hassles of going to a brick and mortar store every time you want to shoot.

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